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Gymnastics Taster Courses

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The children will be in small group of up to 6 gymnasts per coach group. They will have the opportunity to try out a variety of apparatus and skills and the coaches will be able to identify which session will be suitable if your child wishes to continue sessions with us.  We will send out an email after the trial with information about how to book a course and which level session will be suitable. Most of the information including fees, club clothing, Bg membership is in the handbook so please do have a look through this before you attend.

What We

SATURDAY  3:30 - 5PM 

Saturday 3:30 - 5:00  30th September - 21st October 2023.  The fee for the 4 session course is £70.

Suitable for Gymnasts aged 6 - 10 years old.

No Refunds Will Be Given 

Pre School Friday 1-2PM

Friday 1:00 - 2:00  8th - 29th September 2023.  The fee for the 4 session course is £50.

Suitable for Gymnasts aged 2 - 4 years old.  These taster sessions will be with parents classes.       No Refunds Will Be Given 

When you arrive for your session:
Please arrive promptly.  Once the gymnasts are registered by the coach, the entrance doors are closed and remain closed while the lesson is in progress. 
Please can your child attend just in a clean leotard (or swimming costume) with or without leggings for girls and boys shorts and t-shirt for the trial class.
We do not have a changing room so please can children arrive with the correct clothes on and just a tracksuit or Onesie over the top.  
Children do not stop for snacks during the class but please do bring a bottle of water.  
Can you ensure that all jewellery (including ALL stud earrings) and any hair beads are removed and long hair is tied up so the children can participate safely. 
Pre School Friday sessions - A parent or carer must stay with the gymnasts as this is a with parent class.  This class will be lead by our specialist pre School coaches with a parents staying with the gymnast. You will move around the apparatus with your child.  After the trial we may spilt the groups into sessions with parents and sessions without parents so there will be different options.
All other sessions: A parent is welcome to stay for week one of the trial course to settle the gymnasts in.   After this children are normally expected to attend the sessions on their own and parents drop and collect from the front door.  We will have a small area by the foyer where a parent can wait and watch the session. We also have half termly viewing weeks which take place either by Zoom or from the viewing area.
Once children join the club they will be required to wear the club uniform as shown on the club website

What do you like most about gymnastics?
Meeting new people outside of school; learning new skills and building strength and fitness


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