Trainee Program


What we doWe have a group of young leaders who are learning to coach and assist with events at the club.  some of our previous young leaders are now coaching at the club and at other clubs in the UK.  The young leader will have the opportunity to take national recognised qualifications in coaching, running events, first aid and safeguarding. At Nelgc we encourage our gymnasts to use the skills they have learnt and develop new skills and stay involve in the sport by offering opportunities for our 13 + year olds to join our trainee scheme and to help develop positive attitudes towards sport & identify it’s importance as part of a long term healthy lifestyle. We do this by providing mentoring for our trainees to develop their skills and and opportunities to take vocational qualifications.  Successful trainees are then given the opportunity coach at the club and we have a history of providing employment to participants who have trained through the club.  


Who Runs the Program:  The training program has been structured by Lara Everall MSc our director of coaching who is a British Gymnastics mentor, tutor, examiner, teachers tutor, coach and judge.  The lead staff for the trainee program will be either Lara Everall or Milan Reid  who is also a British Gymnastics Mentor Coach.  Alongside Lara or Milan will be one of our welfare officers Sarah Brakes who is also a British Gymnastics Coach as well as being part of our safeguarding team.   


The Aims: The aim of the program is to offer the trainees the opportunity to use and develop their existing knowledge and gain experience in the work place.  


How It Works: Initially, trainees ages 13 - 17 will start by volunteering on our tumbling stars level 5 & 4 sessions. These children will be aged 4 (in reception class at school) up to usually about 8 years old. For 2019 this program which has been running through 2018 on a Saturday will also expand to a Wednesday after school.  All trainees will work under the direct supervision of British Gymnastics Coaches.  Full lesson plans, schemes of work, equipment set ups, risk assessments are provided by the club.  These will be provided to the trainees before the start of each session and are also available online.  The trainees will initially assist with small groups of children focusing on one specific skill each week whilst they developing their coaching skills. They will  build up their knowledge and skill level over a period of sessions until they have completed all of the skills on the tumbling stars 4 & 5 award scheme.  They are required to commit to attend on a regular basis and classes usually run for 40 weeks during a school year.  


Course Program:

Through the program trainees will gain a more in depth knowledge of how to coach and this includes development for knowledge in:


  •  Roles and Responsibilities

  •  Safety in coaching

  •  Group Organisation

  •  Physical Preparation

  •  Movement analysis

  •  Principles of Biomechanics

  •  Safe spotting and supporting

  •  Setting up and checking apparatus 

  •  Effective use of time

  •  Being a role model

  •  Developing communication skills 

  •  Positive praise

  •  Constructive feedback and listening skills

  •  Working as part of a team


Opportunities: Once they have completed all of the skills in our Tumbling stars level 4 & 5 scheme they will be given the opportunity to lead and be responsible for small group of gymnasts still under the direct supervision of a level 2 coach. Trainees will be provided with a club t-shirt, insurance, mentoring and have opportunities to attend first aid, safeguarding, introductory judging and coaching courses.  Further development opportunities will be available for coaches who would like to continue and progress with their coaching at a later stage. 

Volunteering at the Club

We actively encourage parent involvement at the club as without this the club would not be able to run. If you think you can help and have a bit of time to volunteer we would love to hear from you.


Opportunities To Get Involved:

  •  Join the Parents Group

  •  Get involved with fundraising

  •  Help With Running Events

  •  Donate towards a project or equipment

  •  Help with one off projects

  •  Get Involved With Coaching

  •  Become a Judge

  •  Become a Trustee


Trainee Coaches:

  •  Allanah

  •  Eva

  •  Mia

  •  Khaya

  •  Koby

  •  Tycho

  •  Iago

  •  Faye 

  •  Rudi

  •  Aya

  •  Litzi

  •  Shona


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