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What are the Benefits



Physical benefits - Gymnastics is a great fitness program as it works on all aspects of physical fitness improving; Muscular endurance, core stability, strength, power, flexibility, speed, co-ordination, balance, spatial awareness, reaction time and anaerobic fitness.  


Gymnastics is not just about the physical benefits and becoming a great gymnasts it offers many additional benefits that help children to become well rounded adults.


Social Skills - Younger children learn how to stand in line, watch, listen, be quiet when others are talking, work and think independently, be respectful of others.  Older children learn how to set an example and become a role model for the younger gymnasts.


Cognitive Benefits - Gymnastics training will Improve concentration and mental focus.


Self confidence - Mastering skills helps build self confidence leading to a increased sense of self worth. Gymnasts need not just physical strength but mental strength to keep trying to master skills.  This mental toughness leads to increased self confidence.


Work Ethic - Gymnastics is a difficult sport.  Every skill learnt is learnt through hard work and repetition.  The harder the children work the more quickly they progress so children see the direct relationship between hard work and results.


Discipline - Discipline is very important for gymnastics rules must be followed for the safety of the children. Children must also have self discipline to stay on task and work hard and make corrections when a coach asks them to.


Determination - Most skills in gymnastics take lots of practice to perfect.  Gymnastics encourages children to try and try again, because if they continue to work hard they will achieve their goals.


Performance - Gymnastics gives children the opportunity to perform in front of people. Gymnasts are encouraged to perform in front of their team mates and demonstrate skills as well as performing in displays and competitions.  This practice gives children the confidence to get up and have a go and do their best. 


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