Squad Trials 


Who Can Try Out? For our women’s and men’s squads we are looking for children aged 4 - 7 years old or children who have already trained in these disciplines. It doesn’t mater if you have done any gymnastics before we are looking for raw talent any child aged 4+ can try out for a squad. We hold regular trials which are available to book via the website. Squad children who are transfering from another club please apply via your exisiting club who will be able to contact us and give us the information that we need to know.  

What are We looking for?

We are looking for physical potential, strength, power, flexibility, co- ordination as well as existing skills. We would normally be looking at children who are 4 - 7 years old for squad trials, unless your child already has a good level of existing skills. The ability to focus, listen to instructions, work with the team and perform in a competitive environment is very important. This cannot be identified in one trial session so if children are selected for a squad group they will be given a trial period so the coach can fully assess their suitability for this type of training.

We will assess all the children using these areas of assessment:

Gymnastics Skills

Strength & Power
Core Strength & Endurance Speed & Rebound
Natural ability
Balance, Posture & Shape

Mental attitude & focus

If you are offered a place in a squad you will be given one week to accept or decline the place. If you decline the place you will have to be reassessed if you would like to try out for a squad at a later date. If selected children will complete a 3 month trial period, then be retested to confirm if this is the correct group. If they stay in the squad after this they will be required to purchase a tracksuit and some additional clothing and training aids. All squad children will start with 2+ sessions a week depending on the group offered and this will increase as they get older and move up through the competitive structure.