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Men’s Artistic Gymnastics

Men’s Artistic Gymnastics is an Olympic discipline where gymnasts compete, on pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars and high bar and a floor exercise. It is a discipline that requires strength, power, balance and flexibility. They must also have psychological attributes such as the ability to compete under pressure, the courage to attempt risky skills, and the discipline and work ethic to practice the same routine many times.

Group Requirements: Boys aged 6 + years old
Training Times: 8 - 12 hours a week please see timetable for current training times, squad members must attend all of the required training sessions, assessments and competitions.
How To Join: Progression from development squad, squad trial or selection by the Squad Coach
Coach Ratio: 1:6
Head Coach: Alexander Dobrynin
Progressing: Through the British Gymnastics Elite or Club grade program
What happens in the class:
The male gymnasts need to develop excellent core stability, strength and flexibility and will initially spend at least 70% of the sessions working on conditioning exercises to ensure that the body is prepared for the elements. Gymnasts will be expected to work at home on core strengthening and flexibility alongside the regular training. The ability to focus, listen to instructions, work with the team and perform in a competitive environment is very important. If children are selected for the Men’s squad their mental focus as well as physical development will be assessed to see the suitability for this type of training. Gymnasts will have regular assessments of strength, flexibility and skills to monitor their progress and are sometimes moved into a more appropriate group if they are progressing faster or slower than the group they are training with. Men’s gymnastics is a hugely rewarding sport but requires a lot of dedication to achieve the skills required on all of the apparatus. Male gymnasts need to compete in 6 events floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars and high bar and will also perform a physical preparation routine and artistic preparation routine for their grading.

Please use to find out more about the different gymnastic disciplines.



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