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Display Team


Display gymnastics provides gymnasts with the opportunity to perform as part of a group in festival events such as the London festival of Gymnastics and the gym fusion events which are held in a number of locations throughout Britain. Our team has also performed in international events in Gran Canara and Italy. It offers the opportunity for teams of gymnasts to perform in a show style, non-competitive event where the emphasis is on fun and friendship. It offers a fantastic experience for both gymnasts and spectators alike by capturing the ethos of Gymnastics for All; the bringing together gymnasts of all ages, genders and abilities, to enjoy the diverse range of physical activities offered by the sport. Group Requirements: Children are selected from existing club members and usually aged 10+ .

Training Times: Children train for the festival 1 - 2 sessions a week in addition to their regular training sessions.
How To Join: This team is made up of children in the Gold Squad and a further group of children usually selected from the Bronze and Silver squads who will be invited to try out for the team each year.

Coach Ratio: 2:20
Progressing: This group is non competitive but children often join this group from a Squad group and can also progress into this group from our Tumbling Stars program.

What happens in the class:
Gymnasts in this group must be able to dance and perform and a lot of time is spent on teaching dance skills, timing of elements and performance skills. The group will perform a floor routine to music combining dance, gymnastics skills, sports acro elements and tumbling. Routines are usually 5 - 10 minutes long depending on the event.
All children and parents of children participating in this group are required to assist with fund raising activities to assist with the costs of costumes, travel and event entry. 

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