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Development Squads


Age Group 4 - 7 years old

Training Times: Classes start at 90 minutes twice a week and hours increase as the gymnasts progress.  Please look at the different squad classes for more information.

Can I Watch:  We do have virtual viewing weeks, competitions and performances where you are encouraged to attend. Due to space limitations and the layout of the building if you need to remain in the building at times outside the watching weeks you must email your request to to obtain prior agreement.

Coach Ratio 1:8

How To Join: Children will often be selected to attend this group via our pre school program. You do not need any gymnastics experience to try out for this group as we are looking for potential so new children can apply by taking part in a squad trial.

Progressing: We would expect children in the development squad to progress into either the men’s squad, women’s squad or Sports Acrobatic squad. Some children also decide that they want to participate in a less intense from of gymnastics and move into a tumbling stars award scheme class.

What happens in the class: Gymnasts will usually be invited into a development squad aged 4 - 6 years old. In these classes we will be working on core strength, flexibility and basic skills needed to progress your child into a squad class where they can start working towards the British Gymnastics grading scheme. They will be assessed regularly to monitor progress and encouraged children to practice skills at home to help with their development. The ability to focus, listen to instructions, work with the team and perform in a competitive environment is very important. If children are selected for the development squad group their mental focus as well as physical development will be assessed to see the suitability for this type of training. They will take part in performances and competitions at the club but would not usually take part in external events until they move into now of the main squad groups. 

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