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Bronze, Silver, Gold Squads

Working to the British Gymnastics Award Scheme

Age Group: 12+ years or children who have progressed up from level 1.
Training Times: Classes start at 90 minutes once a week and progress to 6 hours a week in the Gold squad. Please check the timetable for current class times. 

Can I Watch: We do not encourage regular watching for this age group as the children would prefer to try out skills and perfect them first before performing them. We do have watching weeks, competitions and performances where you are encouraged to attend. Due to space limitations and the layout of the building if you need to remain in the building at times outside the watching weeks you must email your request to to obtain prior agreement.

Coach Ratio: 1:10
How To Join: Register onto the waiting list and you will be invited to a trial course to assess your child’s level. After the introductory course your child will be either offered a place in the appropriate level or placed on a waiting list for the appropriate class if there are no place available.
Progressing: Progression is usually from Bronze through Silver and Gold. Children are also selected from this group into the Sports Acrobatics Squad or the display team.
What happens in the class:
Gymnasts work towards the British Gymnastics Advanced Proficiency Award scheme, this scheme assists in the development of Core fitness (Strength, power, flexibility, co- ordination) and gymnastics skills for the coaching of more advanced skills. The scheme offers a range of activities including Fitness, Floor, Vault & Rebound, Apparatus, Pairs & Groups, Hand Held Apparatus and Dance & Aerobics. It broadly underpins development work for Grades, the Next Step Competition Framework and National Development Programmes. These gymnasts also take part in club and regional floor and vault and tumbling competitions. Some of these gymnasts are selected to take part in the display team and many of these gymnasts also become members of the Leadership Academy. These gymnasts also take part in club and regional competitions and displays. Many of these gymnasts also become members of our Leadership Academy. 

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