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Pre School with Parent Class

Age Group - From walking - 4 years old.
Can I Watch: You stay with your child throughout the class.  

Coach Ratio - 1:20 in the with parent class.
Progressing: The coach will discuss moving to an independent class when they feel your child is ready to be without you in the session. We do not normally take children into the Pre-School independent class unless they have been in the with parent session first.
What happens in the class?
The class is taught by fully qualified specialist Pre-School gymnastics coaches and starts with a 10 minute warm up led by the coach during which the main teaching points for the session and supporting techniques are taught. After the warm up, you will be sent off to explore the gym. Your job in this class is to act as your child’s coach – young children are often wary of other adults and will not let us support them. Our job as coaches is to support you working with your child. If you are uncertain about how to do an activity or support your child on a piece of apparatus, please ask the coach who will happily support you. All the activities are set up with learning intentions implicit within them. We teach using themes and each theme lasts 4 weeks.

We would prefer parents to be 1:1 with the child so if you have 2 children under 5 the class will work better for them if you are able to bring a second adult with you. This is a great opportunity for the children and parents to get to know the coaches before they move into an independent class. 


We do not have space inside the building for prams, bicycles or scooter and these do need to be left outside where they can be locked to the railings.

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