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Pay Subs Online is the system used for all bookings, membership fees, kit purchases and event entries.  


Complete the online registration form.

These details are used to identify suitable classes, to contact you to inform the coaches of any medical information or special requirements that they need to be aware of.  When your child becomes a member some of the details will be passed on to British Gymnastics so your child can become a member which is required for the insurance.  Once you have completed this form you will have a Paysubsonline account which you can log into and make bookings.  


Once you have logged on

In the top left hand corner are 2 tabs Members Details and PaymentClick Members Details and make sure that the details on this page are correct including the full name and correct date of birth for your child, emergency contacts, medical information and address.     You can log in and up date this information at any time so please keep it up to date as this is sent to British Gymnastics for your child's insurance.


If you have more than one child you need to set up an account for each of them and these accounts can be linked so infuture you can access all family members through one account.  If you can't manage to link the accounts there is a HELP button at Paysubsonline where you can request assistance to do this.  

Click on the PAYMENT  and you will see a box with No Money Due as you haven’t yet added a course.  On the left handside of the screen you will see a drop down list of optional extras and courses.  


There is nothing showing - Unfortunately all the tasters, trials and courses are fully booked we will email you as soon as we add any new courses

There was an option but now its gone! - If the option disappears it means that the class has been fully booked, this can happen quite quickly as the club is very popular. 

There is only one class showing - This is the only class option left but you must hover over the class to see the age group and requirements as it may not be suitable for your child.  

There is a list of classes and trial options -  Hover over each option to see the dates, costs, age and any other requirements.  If you find one that is suitable please click on this to add it to your shopping basket.   You only need to add one option to your shopping basket, this will open a separate page, tick the little box and press submit to select the class this will take you to the payment page.


Paysubsonlilne use GoCardless for payments so when you set up your payments you will be redirected to Gocardless to set this up. If you leave anything in your shopping basket and do not complete the payment it will be removed,  you must complete the payment to secure the place. 

Confirmation of booking & payment

To check if you have booked successfully click on PAID and you will see any payments that you have made to Paysubsonline.  If the payment has been made succesfully you have booked. 

Pre authorisation

For a one off payment for a trial class, squad trial or taster course you will not be asked to set up a direct debit or Pre Authorise future payments. If you become a member and book directly onto a regular class you will need to set up your Pre authorisation.  You can cancel your pre authorisation at any time,  if you cancel your pre authorisation your payment will not be taken you will loose your priority place and your place.  If you accidentally cancel you can go back into the system and re authorise this to ensure that you do not loose your place.


Due to coach availability, events and increased training hours required for some groups we do also occasionally have to change the class times we will give you as much notice as possible if your class is affected.  




These are be available to order through a link on our website. To wash leotards please turn them inside out and hand wash them after every session. If you misplace, damage or would like to order a spare kit please add this to your online account. Girls are allowed to wear the club clothing only including hipster shorts in black over the leotard or the NELGC leggings no other shorts or leggins are allowed. Footwear is not required but indoor gymnastics shoes can be worn. No outdoors shoes are allowed in the gym or studios.  Squad children and children taking part in external events will also require additional competition and training equipment your coach will let you know what you require.  

Gymnastic Leotard Care Info

To ensure that your gymnastic leotard garment maintains maximum performance and style, we recommend that all leotards are turned inside out and handwashed. Immediately hang the item to dry on a coat hanger and keep away from heat.

When Cleaning Gymnastic Leotards DO NOT:

  • Do NOT tumble dry or iron - High heat sources may damage the fabric.

  • Do NOT rub or scrub foil print or metallic garments - Use a light cloth to remove any excess soilage gently.

  • Do NOT hang over radiators - Use a clothes hangar, clothes horse or washing line to allow natural drying without any artifical heat source which may affect the weave of the fabric.

  • Do not use fabric softener as this damages lycra.

Foil print and metallic garments may fade or dull with wear and repeated washing. Areas that incur friction or abrasion may show some loss of foil.  This does not constitute a fault but is more due to wear and tear on the garment.

Pre school with parent classes do not have a uniform.  Your child will need a set of clean clothes to change into to work in the gym: shorts that do not have buttons, pockets or zips on them so they do not get caught up on the equipment and bare feet, they will be provided with a club  T-shirt when they join. You will need to wear loose, comfortable clothing and bare feet as you will be joining in with your child.  Mobile phones may not be used in the gym. No food or drink in the gym. All bags are to be placed in the viewing gallery during the class – the door to the reception area is locked so that the safety of participants and valuables is maintained.  Parents need to wear suitable loose clothing to participate, a tracksuit is ideal.

Introductory classes please wear shorts and t-shirt or a leotard (no zips, buckles or buttons on the shorts please).  Children are not allowed to wear any jewellery (including stud earings), hair beads, friendship bracelets.  Long hair should be tied back. 

Water - Please bring a bottle of water with your child’s name on it to every session.  No other drinks or food is allowed in the gym or studios.

Jewellery - No jewellery of any description is to be worn, this includes; all body piercing, friendship bracelets, watches, rings, earrings, necklaces and no nail extensions.  This rule also applies to all participants including those who have recently had their ears pieced - it is for the safety of all participants.  This includes adults in the with parent class.

Hair - Please ensure your child’s hair is brushed and tied back in a neat low pony tail, with fringes clipped back tightly before they come into class, loose hair should be plaited and griped back.  Hair beads are not allowed please remove these before the session starts to avoid delays.

Verrucas - If you have a verruca, please cover it with a plaster and tape around the foot so the plaster does not fall off or wear specialist gymnastics training slippers.


What do I do when I arrive?

The foyer is small and MUST be kept clear. Prams, scooters and bikes are not allowed in the building under any circumstances, we do not have the space. If you have a baby that you are bring with you please be aware of this and use a baby carrier or car seat carrier.  You are welcome to lock your bikes, buggies or scooters to the railings at the front of the building but they must not be left in front of the entrance where they could block the exit. To maximise the training time please make sure that your child has been to the toilet before the class starts.

Getting Changed - It does get busy during the class change overs I would recommend arriving in your kit. If you come straight from school and do need to get changed at the club we do have a small changing area which is just for gymnasts only to use, strictly no parents. All gymnasts must use the changing area and are not allowed to change in the Foyer. These changing areas are only accessible to our gymnasts, except in the pre school classes where parents may assist the children getting changed. Once your child is changed please place all clothes in a bag and use the pegs or cubby holes provided so the benches and floor is clear for other users. Shoes should be placed in the cubby holes in the foyer so they can easily be accessed in the event of an evacuation.

Punctuality– The learning starts at the beginning of the session and the warm up includes preparatory skills for the elements that will be taught during the class. It is essential that all children arrive in time for the start of the class and complete the preparatory skills taught at the start of the class.  Make sure you book a class that allows you enough travel time.  Most classes start in the warm up gym downstairs which is why the door is locked once the gymnasts have been registered.  If your child misses registration they cannot take part in the session. 

Dropping Off and Collecting – Except for Pre school.

Your child's coach will come to the main door at the start time of your class.  The first 10 minutes of the class is to allow the children to get changed, use the toilet and for the coach to speak to any parents who would like to and register the gymnasts.  Once this is completed the main door is locked by the coach and there is no further access until the end of the session. If you arrive after the door is locked your child will be unable to take part in the session.  

All children of primary school age or younger must be delivered in person. If you have secondary school aged children please can you let the club know in writing if your child is arriving or leaving on their own. If you are delayed collecting your child , please call the gym on 0207 923 7239 and leave a message or email your coach to let them know.  If you arrive early please wait with your child outside the building until the doors open. Once your child is in the building and has signed in you are free to leave your child knowing they are safe and accounted for.  Please do not leave your child unsupervised outside the building. 

Medication & valuables - If your child has medication that they may need during the session, please put your child’s name and class onto the medication and hand these in at the beginning of the session.  If your child has a mobile phone, valuables or medication etc please ensure that these area handed to the person in charge when you sign you child in for the class. Do not leave any medication or valuables including mobile phones in the changing rooms.


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